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  • Summary

    Evan Diamond is a proactive, hardworking, and multitalented, self-starter with outstanding planning, organizational, office oversight, and facilities management skills. He has 7+ years of experience in delivering the highest standards of facilities, office and project management. Evan brings in-depth knowledge of managing all of these operations and more to move businesses forward.

    Evan is highly skilled at assessing facility and business needs, sourcing new vendors to optimize operations, and identifying and capitalizing on process improvement opportunities. He thrives in dynamic, deadline-driven facilities and office management environments. He is also a resourceful and effective team player and leader recognized for his excellent problem-solving abilities. Evan emphasizes fostering a team culture and high employee morale throughout an organization to boost productivity and build retention rates.

    Signature Strengths

    • Facilities Management
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Project Management
    • Planning & Forecasting
    • Vendor / Contractor Management
    • Sourcing
    • Equipment & Supply Procurement
    • Documentation & Database Systems
    • Training & Development
    • Workflow Planning
    • Inventory Management
    • Negotiations
    • Onboarding & Off-boarding
    • Space Planning
    • Process Improvements
  • Jones Lang LaSalle - Honeywell

    Workplace & Facilities Manager


    Oversees and supervises all facilities related aspects of Honeywell's newly built software HQ which spanning over 150,000+ sqft, with 725+ employees. Manages security guards, day porters, assistant facility manager, facility coordinator and receptionist. Responsible for ensuring employees are safe, productive and well equipped with the necessary supplies and environment to be productive in the workplace. Manages employee programs such as commuter benefit and internal networking events.

    Alert The Boss



    AlertTheBoss is your vehicle to build a broadcast-ready cell phone list. Enabling communication with your customers via text message to resolve problems, reward customers with "text only offers", and leverage Facebook and Twitter to publicize your positive feedback.


    Workplace & Facilities Manager


    Supervised all aspects of facilities and office management for a 30K square-foot office building of a leading provider of mobile device repair services with 5K+ technicians worldwide. Oversaw day-to-day facilities management, multiple office functions and is known for implementing key process improvements.

  • "Evan is an incredible person to work with. We highly recommend him and we are continually happy to have him on our team. For more information feel free to contact me for a reference."

    - AJ Forsythe, Founder & CEO of iCracked


    "Evan goes the extra mile in all of his endeavors. A truly talented and passionate person; We can't be happier to have Evan on our team."

    - Anthony Martin, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of iCracked


    "I've had the privilege of knowing Evan for about 7 years now. I've worked under his leadership and during that time, he continuously proved himself a good and vibrant leader who strides for betterment. Aside from his talents as a leader, he's also one of the most ambitious people I know. Even in college, Evan saw opportunities where most did not. Starting from the ground floor as a service tech, Evan worked for iCracked and continuously proved himself as a valued asset and eventually became a key member of their administration in Northern California. Evan is not only an intelligent and technologically savvy person, but is my go-to person when I look for advice or opinions on my projects. He is a key difference maker in any situation."

    - Max Lesser, Business Development Manager at National Center for Housing Management


    Evan is one of the most competent people I've ever met. He is the go-to person that people call when then need things done right the first time. In addition to being massively reliable, he's also resourceful, thoughtful, friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. Evan is a rare breed of employee who is genuinely liked by everyone he works with and I look forward to working with him again some day.​"

    - Ben Einstein, Product Manager at Lending Club


    "Evan is the most resourceful and scrappy professional I've ever had the pleasure to work with. He is fantastic at finding tools and creating processes to make his work and the work of his colleagues easier and more efficient. With excellent research and negotiating skills, I'm always confident Evan has found the best deal for the organization. He has an eye for discovering key areas of improvement and acts fast to fix them. I love working with Evan because he's a joy to have in the office. I'm happy to say he's not only a respected work colleague but also a trusted friend."

    - Maggie Sullivan, People Operations Manager at iCracked


    "In a sentence "this is the guy you want with you when you go into battle."
    Evan as you will soon realize is very bright, highly intelligent and imaginative. All things being equal the imaginative component of Evan's make up is what will put him over the top every time. He is studious and knowledgeable he does his research, he is dependable, not only at being there when he is needed, but takes the initiative to get the task done. This is true dependability. When all has been tried, and all the conventions have been exhausted he will find a way, he thinks out of the box, he is that good."

    - Robin Imamshah, Executive Producer Manager at STUDIO 21


    "In watching Evan's development over the years, I have become a true believer in his uncanny abilities in innovation, creativity, and out of the box logic, which is on a different level than most people I know. Evan has always been a leader, and someone who marches to the beat of his own drum, and truly actualizes success through his unique outlook on projects and initiatives with which he is involved. He is a person who leads well, and listens even better. I am always impressed with his ability to work with a team, to effectively problem solve, and simply to have around, as Evan has a tremendous sense of humor to top it all off!"

    - Noah Pawliger, Director and Co-founder of Camp Living Wonders


    "I have had the occassion of working with many high level marketing personnel at 1000's of companies across the US with varying degrees of experience and expertise. Evan, in his role with SweetByHolly, has shown a remarkable talent in identifying critical businsess needs within his industry and beyond, an ability to quickly grasp new media knowledge and a solid ability to execute a marketing plan while adding value to the process along the way."

    - David DeSanto, Director - Marketing Methods of TransNational Bankcard


    "Evan is forward thinking, self driven, excels at running a multitude of projects simultaneously. During his internship his work ethic and communications were superior."

    - Kirsten Mosco, Managing Director of Sweet Serendipity Marketing

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